Monday, February 23, 2009

Crone Studies, 2001

This is a good example of my early art at about age 24. I was praised in high school for being able to copy anything well in drawing, but I eventually learned that this is not art, this is technical skill. So I got intimidated and stopped. I wish someone had told me this was a perfectly good beginning.

Typical of this period was painting with acrylics on found planks of wood. Color mixing was rather foreign to me, and the result was usually a surprise. I also frequently used colors directly out of the bottle, and there was usually only one layer of paint in each color area.

This has a rather morbid subject: it's about female genital mutilation. I have female parts raining from clouds/ mountains resembling breasts. They are being collected as precious objects by an odd-looking crone. Why she is collecting is a mystery that I still have not figured out. Feminist themes are also very typical of this time period for me.

I used found wood not simply for thrifty reasons, but because I had a strict idea of how much material I could consume and "waste." I was almost pathological about it. Years later I can consent to not applying these strict rules to art, which is widely held as a higher cause, so while I do sometimes use second-hand objects for creating art, I also do not limit my buying and use of art materials... within reason.

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  1. This picture is powerful. I like the fact that you used purple in this picture.