Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Early Spring, 2006

Here are two preparations for what I think is a final (below) although I frequently try to come up with ways to improve it. (The first is done in the Windows Paint program, which I like for it's inflexibility and challenge) This is a good example of an idea that was very hard for me to translate onto the canvas. I saw a scene: a squirrel hurriedly jumping all around a stack of tree branches looking for food. It was moving so fast that I could only see the tail- and that is what I wanted to portray. I wanted to suggest the movement of time (multiple tails) and motion and the impression on my human eye. I researched Futurism to see how they depicted motion. Clever, perhaps, but not expertly executed I am afraid. Still, I do like it for what it is. I may experiment more with it someday.


  1. :-)

    makes sense.. and the little squirrel scurrying away helps define the tails..

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I tried to paint this on a 3 x 6 panel too. That was a failed experiment just due to the size. I like to think that my fondness for painting on small supports and small items on them comes from the fact that I have some German ancestry. You know, Germans and their miniatures. But it might also have something to do with my level of confidence and bravery.

  3. love your choice of colors for the final. reminds me of a japanese blockprint. ;)