Friday, February 6, 2009

Enthroned, 2008

A portrait of a sleeping Brian. He sleeps a lot, and I once noticed that he looked like a dead Jesus when he was sleeping on his back like that with his mouth wide open and skin dull and pale due to a deep slumber. I was able to take half a dozen photos of him without him noticing.

Photos, that is a good topic. I frequently paint from photos, which is of course far from the natural ideal of painting in the moment. In the moment you are subject to the lighting and emotion of the very situation that caught your attention. But from a practical standpoint, who gets to do that? I suppose only if you have set up an experience, i.e. a sitter or brought all your materials to find a landscape, can this ideal be reached. While I can see that as a good way to make studies, I don't look for a painting. I don't decide to paint and then look for a subject. The image is pushed into my consciousness as a whole, and then I try my best to replicate it.

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