Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hawthorne, 2008

Nate is an important figure for me, as a early New Englander, a writer of novels with dark elements, and as a sensitive almost-hermit who seems to be able to describe the passing moods of humanity like no one else I know of.

Many images of him show an attractive vivacious young man, and for kicks I looked for more photos of him and found a badly deteriorated one online where he appeared as a scowling complex old man. I used that photo as a study for the painting.

This was an unusual painting for me: created in one evening, painterly and expressive brush strokes (I am usually much more precise) and, well, I consider it almost perfect for what it is. My best friend in the world explained to me that there are pieces to every painting I do that could use improvement. I treasure her honesty. But we both think this a solid piece. I particularly like the zombie-like effect of the eyes and the monochromatic blue palette.

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  1. I think of it as the first painting of yours that I experienced from nuts to bolts.. Makes me feel happy..