Friday, March 20, 2009

Untitled, 2008

This was an experimental piece. I became more interested in abstraction, and thought about the process of abstracting from nature. I chose the biggest solid element- white snow, and wanted to emphasize it as a shape.

Many people like it right away when they see it, but then hesitate when their brain catches up. To me, this means that it is attractive visually, but the non-nonsensical nature of it disallows them to continue to enjoy it after wondering why the ground/ snow is red. Almost no one says anything about it.

I used a photo I took while on a winter hike in New Hampshire for this image.


  1. All your art is exquisite. You have such a GIFT. Keep painting woman, you have talent.

  2. It is very striking! The idea of red snow is very thought provoking. That may be why people become quiet ... as their minds explore all the different reasons why snow would be red.

  3. What a great assessment of the experience of the observer. I think it is spot on. The red IS jarring in a way.. and.. we are so programmed to find "meaning" behind such a bold statement (especially in red).. I think it this case the color is VERY evocative of a basic primal reaction. So.. the combined reaction silences us, with confusing and often unidentifiable emotions.

    just my two cents....