Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When In Our Sleep We Make the Elixir

First completed painting of 2009!
I had been working on a tight highly planned and rigid painting before this and got tired of working in that manner, so this was breaking out and painting with real enjoyment. I was craving getting back to a more primitive style of painting, and this went successfully.

This is from a sketch I made from a dream, around 2002. The original idea (the dream, really) was filled with more earth tones and smells (the latter of which is hard to communicate in a painting :) ). The color amber was dominant, and the sketch included some incense and also some notches etched on her leg- I have not included them because I was not certain that I wanted to imply any type of self-harm, which is not in the spirit of the image.

Here I have added a vibrant yellow for her body; yellow for me is the color of spirituality. The blue background came about from my desire to have this image resemble a stained glass window.

Friday, May 22, 2009

First paintings, circa 2000-2001

Basic Student Acrylic on found wood and cardboard. Aren't starving artists romantic?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Artist's book in progress

Another work in progress (a long time in coming) is an artist's book on the subject of divination by appearances of animals as related to the dissolution of my marriage. Sound interesting?

I am in the process of acquiring and reviewing all of the edits good friends have made to the text and deciding what the binding and papers will be like. There are so many choices! I think I am going to make two versions.

Anyone curious about artist's books can check out this great breakdown by Angela Lorenz: