Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When In Our Sleep We Make the Elixir

First completed painting of 2009!
I had been working on a tight highly planned and rigid painting before this and got tired of working in that manner, so this was breaking out and painting with real enjoyment. I was craving getting back to a more primitive style of painting, and this went successfully.

This is from a sketch I made from a dream, around 2002. The original idea (the dream, really) was filled with more earth tones and smells (the latter of which is hard to communicate in a painting :) ). The color amber was dominant, and the sketch included some incense and also some notches etched on her leg- I have not included them because I was not certain that I wanted to imply any type of self-harm, which is not in the spirit of the image.

Here I have added a vibrant yellow for her body; yellow for me is the color of spirituality. The blue background came about from my desire to have this image resemble a stained glass window.

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