Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yello Woman: Compare these two...

The image above is the painting as it exists today. The one below is a darkened and shaded version created in Photoshop. Please use this post for your voting at right.

Thank you for your helpful votes, the results of which will be put into practice.


  1. Beautiful work! I like them both in different ways... I like the stained glass look of the first one. It has the appearance of a true art piece.

    The softer, shading of the second looks awesome. Something I notice, though, is the lines, maybe if they were completely solid black. Great design!

  2. I like them both. It seems the non-shaded one is serious, but the shaded one is, I don't know, maybe deluded serious. The shaded one feels kinda of like a stained glass window, but to me almost like I am looking through thick moving water... and it gives a more alive feel to me, fluid, like it allows me to feel into the action, verus, a snapshot.... dunno

  3. Thank you for the descriptive comments, y'all!