Monday, June 28, 2010

Class, Day 1

So I have very little training in painting (negligently little, really) and I am taking an adult ed class whose focus is to learn to mimic an artist or movement that we like. I picked Odilon Redon, because I love his dreamy "Cyclops." So I will try and learn to handle paint more expressively and use color more relevantly. Here is a pic from my effort on day 1.

My teacher laughed a lot when she approached my station, first of all because it was messy, and yet I was not creating enough space for my mess. Also, I was not using a real palette but plastic cups, because I am used to using whatever is on hand.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pastels, a distant friend

Title: Father Mollinger's Relics

This was inspired by a trip to St. Anthony's Parish in Pittsburgh, PA with the Rev. Donald.

I am not sure I used to use pastels correctly years ago (if one can use art supplies correctly). Listened to some St. Hildegard and made marks, blended, and made marks and blended. A splendid afternoon with satisfying result.