Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pastels, a distant friend

Title: Father Mollinger's Relics

This was inspired by a trip to St. Anthony's Parish in Pittsburgh, PA with the Rev. Donald.

I am not sure I used to use pastels correctly years ago (if one can use art supplies correctly). Listened to some St. Hildegard and made marks, blended, and made marks and blended. A splendid afternoon with satisfying result.


  1. So awesome to hear of all of this!! Who is Fr. Mollinger and why are his relics smiling?? =) I used to love working with pastels!

  2. They do appear to be smiling, yes. They looked that way in the photo I saw.

    He started a St. Anthony's chapel in Pittsburgh PA, and it is the largest collection of publicly viewable relics after the Vatican.