Thursday, July 15, 2010

Class, Day 3

Day three, and my teacher thinks I am just about done with this. My goal was to add more detail to the landscape to make it look more real like plants and things, but she strongly advised against it, because she thinks it is much more interesting as is. she thinks detail will be too much. I have come to see her point. I added the two bodies (one a reflection) and a little more light green and here is where I have landed. The story in my head also has seven floating orbs throughout the painting, but again she thinks that too much detail would be a bad idea. It seems that composition is more important than the subject matter- she says if I need to add anything perhaps I need a second painting. She likes the bodies being the same size and parallel, as it creates an interesting tension.

I also presented pictures of my earlier work which I used as an example of how I want to NOT paint: solid lines, no subtlety, clearly defined forms only... she said sometimes that technique is useful for the subject and sometime it is not.

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