Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Class, Day 4

To my delight I started a new painting in class yesterday. I am pleased that I will get to do two for this class, of different nature, to get as much advice and learning as I can. I bought palette paper to mix on at her insistence, rather than using my usual plastic trays.

I am starting this with the intent of doing a

replica of Rizzoli's Magdalene. I am hoping to learn how to create the soft lines and shading, and how a figure can be partially hidden by darkness. I did an acrylic undercoat of yellow (!?!) at the recommendation of my teacher because she said it is an overall warm painting. She also recommended just under painting some translucent reds and dark browns (the latter of which she said was too dark). Then she recommended drawing the figure with paint or charcoal, and I chose to develop the shapes with skin tones rather than draw. Here I switched to oil, and I found it to be such a great medium for this task, as I could very quickly correct the angles and shapes as I mixed light and shadow. Now I do not know how or why I ever tried to do a realistic skin tone with acrylic.

I took a lot of pictures, because this is unfamiliar territory for me. I would have done things very differently and I know they would not have been very successful at the start- I would have really struggled. I tend to paint final shapes and detail in quickly and to not apply as many layers as are needed.

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