Friday, July 30, 2010

Class, Day 5

Starting to have some depth and some life. I am very pleased. What is working well: use of paper palette makes blending easier and more natural. I am glad I have some drawing experience, because it is easier for me to correct mistakes. If something looks off I can compare height and distance as if it were an architectural drawing, which helps in stepping back from the fact that I am trying to make an arm.

Her features look nothing like the original painting, but I am fond of her look. I think she will be a different woman rather than a replica of the Rizzoli painting. Also, the original is clearly a European, which I would like to stray from.

Some things I am noticing now- the hand to head ratio is off: I think I need to make her head smaller.

Advice from teacher- you do need to let the oil dry at some point and stop working with it, even if it is not how you like it. At some point you are just pushing paint around.

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