Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Class, Day 6

Work yesterday included learning how to glaze with oils. I tried adding just a little of the glazing medium I bought- a frugal instinct which I always have and which is usually wrong. The instructor came over and dumped a huge portion of the liquid onto my paper palette (I gasped) and added just a little bit of the color I wanted to glaze with. Ah-ha! We have glaze! I did a reddish-brown over the orange cave walls and an olive green over the black-brown. I instantly loved the effect- it seemed to immediately deepen the whole picture. At this stage in learning, most results are still a surprise to me.

I am finally finished with body contour (having reconciled the fact that it is not proportional and I am going to leave it that way) and will just be working on shading and the detailed features. The red I added to the hair has made the skin appear lighter, so I may glaze the skin with a more golden-brown later. I need to remember to add oil to the glaze so as not to disturb the drying process and thereby avoid cracking of the paint layers. Remember folks, paint fat over lean!

I am worried about just having one more class in which to get advice, but I will take her classes again. And I really have learned a lot. With the right teacher (and I have had the wrong one before), Cambridge Center for Adult Ed can be good arts education.

On a note regarding the subject- I am not sure if I want the Madalene's eyes open or closed. Closed would imply the holy within but eyes open implies knowledge, or the search thereof. Suggestions?

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  1. Without doubt, this is one of your best works yet. You've managed to invoke some of that Symbolism from Munch, while keeping the otherworldliness so charactaristic of your "Jesus" portrait. It's exciting to see your technical abilities flourish within the medium. Oil can be so cool. In a word, I'd say this is purely awesome.