Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Art vs. Craft

I memorialized a dear friend's dear cat using my newest media: wallpaper sample collage. An in-noble medium for a noble animal. I like how this media bridges art and craft. I am hoping I will gain experience and knowledge about color emphasis and balance and about texture. I am enjoying this simple quick process that can produce good result.

Wallpaper sample books are filled with sheets that have their own texture, sheen and patterns. Some are hideous, and some are tacky in a fun kinda way. In any case, there is no end to the variety in wallpaper these days.

Directions: find free wallpaper sample books at wallpaper stores, select a subject, draw a simple pattern on the back of selected paper (simpler the design the better), cut out design with an Exacto blade, choose background and foreground colors, paint craft glue onto the backs using a paint brush (be sure to cover all parts evenly and lightly), assemble each layer one at a time and use a roller on the back to apply pressure and adhere the pieces together, let each layer dry before adding another. It is a good idea to create a piece that measures in even numbers (12 x 16, 16 x 20) so that frames can be easily found for them. Enjoy!


  1. The photo doesn't do the collage justice. It is really beautiful when you can appreciate the different textures and patterns of the papers which you used.

  2. I agree, there are things about the papers that a photo cannot capture. Thank you Rev. Don :)

  3. I appriciate all pictures as well as papper.