Thursday, March 24, 2011

Backgroud painting for: Hypocondria

Here is the progress of a piece I got in my head possibly two years ago. Here I have two versions of the background, a natural scene with a tomb much like in the two Poussin paintings for Et in Arcadia Ego. My painting will have a single figure who is much more interested in himself than in the message on the tomb. The first version, started two years ago and abandoned twice thereafter, has a more yellow-green hue foliage and a pink and blue sky (and is a little further along). The second, started two weeks ago, started as a palette I created for it on (see previous blog). It also is the first painting I have started from scratch after my color class. Instead of yellow green and brown, the emphasis is on the bluish-green and toned-down red. To me, the second is more harmonious, even though it may not be as true to nature as, well, nature. The composition is also much more exciting.

I think I am going to try and complete both versions.

Very curious to hear your thoughts on the comparison.


  1. It's interesting to see how the two different color patterns affect each of the paintings differently. The first, because it has softer colors, almost seems like it is a happy landscape. The second seems a little bit ominous and spooky, as well as draws your attention to the tomb, where the first painting does not. I feel like, for the subject matter you're trying to portray, the second painting may represent more of what your looking for, in terms of representing the central figure in the painting. The colors also make the tomb the focal point in the painting, which I am assuming you were aiming for that result?

  2. Interesting that you interpret the first as happy and serene. I think it is a little boring :)

    Another commenter by email preferred the second as she says it draws her right in.

    Thank you!

  3. I prefer the second one as well: the colors are fantastic. And I like that there is a less defined horizon line. There is a swirling motion...reminds me of Chagall.

  4. Thank you for your feedback, Mary! Very interesting that you said Chagall, Don has said this about a different painting. I have not seen the connection, but it is quite the compliment.


  5. The first one's colors are dark and haunting, edgy...while the second one's blue/green colors are really beautiful and pleasing, and in direct contrast to the tomb in the picture. I like them both.

  6. Very interesting... two people said haunting/ spooky but about opposite versions. To me the first is more eerie because it is very stark and still. The second has a lot of movement, which is preferable artistically unless you are going for that stark still look. When I do it, it is usually accidental; a result of being too fastidious with my brush strokes.

    Thank you so much for your comments everyone!!!