Friday, April 15, 2011

Seriously down a notch, or more expressive?

I know that since my first ever Open Studio event is coming up that I should be thinking like a PR person and posting my most impressive/ serious painting. However today I find myself doing the opposite and posting the results of making art in MS Paint. For anyone who is unfamiliar, this is a clunky old program that every Microsoft user has but almost no one uses. Today I found myself feeling trapped at work and cranky for not being able to be at home painting or outside on this fine day. So I took some time (with the defense that cheering myself up would make the rest of my work day more productive) with MS Paint, which I find a rather liberating exercise, actually. Sometimes I think my paintings lack expressiveness because I exert too much control over the paint. Well, that is impossible to do in MS Paint. Enjoy.

(Note: all of these were drawn/ painted using a mouse, except for the most recent [the yellow person] I used a pen version of the mouse.)

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