Friday, May 11, 2012

Open Studios May 2012

Perfect. My own little private wall on the upper floor in the corner on a darkly lit painted brick background. And the Somerville Armory has got to be one of the coolest buildings to show your artwork in. Well, per my taste anyway. I did lots of eavesdropping on the visitors. Since I do not sell work, the best thing they can give me is their words.


Re: Harbingers- "That is funny, how the dark cloud is happening right over the crows or what kind of birds are those?"

Re: Hawthorne- "That's awesome!"

Generally: "These are quite different."

Generally: "These are inter... these are cool."

                                                                            Re: Hawthorne- [talking to his kid] "Do you notice how spoooooooky this guy is?"

Re: Yaldabaoth: "I like this face."

Re: Hawthorne: "You know who would like this?" Nods. Takes photos.

Re: Creation Myth- "Are you Maggie? I am enjoying your work. Have you read the book Raising the Stones? it is a sort of Sci-fi novel. Your painting reminds me of it. In the book the gods are born out of the earth. I like how this one and the serpent one balance each other, one is dark one is light."

Re:Yaldabaoth- "Oh that's kinda cool." "Yeah it is."

Re: Harbingers- "Oh look at these. I love that. Very haunting."

Re: Harbingers- [I approached this guy because he was gesturing and taking excitedly] "Are you McNeely? I brought my wife to show her what I found most impressive. And I hope I don't offend you by saying this but it is not the technique (though Harbingers has more of that) it is the concept behind it. I am not looking to buy anything right now, but how much is that one?" [I don't sell, I juts brought it here to get comments on it] "That is exactly what I wanted to hear. Nice to meet you. Good luck."

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