Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saint Who

Here is some progress on Sarah the Black, more commonly known as Saint Sarah the Egyptian. The first layer was a creepy image to wake up to unexpectedly, said my favorite critic.  I am glad the second layer looks less like Wilt Chamberlin, according to aforementioned critic, although I am convinced some Wanda Sikes has crept into the second layer. As for the third layer, the beloved critic invoked everything from the Bride of Dracula to Frida Kahlo (sans famous eyebrow). There is still a lot of work to do on this one.

Fourth layer: my greatest critic asked for more shadowing. I took some risks and I really like the affect. Now she does not resemble Wilt, Wanda, or Frida. Sunday was my first frenzied painting day in a long time.

My partner Don and I took turns gilding and it was difficult but rewarding.


  1. Beautiful, stunning. An honor to share her name. I'd like to learn more about her :)

  2. Thank you so much for documenting and posting the process of your beautiful painting of St. Sarah, Maggie. So neat to see the different stages.

    Seeing your painting for the first time at Mass at St. Sarah's today was a wonderful way to celebrate St. Sarah's Feast Day. Being in the room with it, listening to Fr. Donald's and your readings, prayers, and homily about different aspects of St. Sarah, it was all wonderful. There was a moment when Fr. Donald held up the communion wafer, and the shape of it was echoed in St. Sarah's halo--the same halo you and Fr. Donald had gilded with gold leaf from Fr. Donald's mother--just behind it. It was so very beautiful.

    The warm light on her shoulders, the darkness of the background, and above all the expression on her face--I love all of it. What a wonderful gift to St. Sarah's Parish. Thank you so much, Maggie!!!