Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Every tube I own

What does one do when one does not know a lot about color and wants to make colors in methods other than luck? Answer: complete a scientific study. Here is every tube of Windsor & Newton I own crossed with every tube of Windsor & Newton I own. Wow, I am a really dry writer. Maybe (gasp!) I will learn something about the nuance of color/hue/pigment in the process. The most important thing I have to say in this post is that THIS CHART TOOK 3 DAYS TO MAKE. AHHHHH. But  it has already paid off in helping me memorize oil paint names. While reading a rather sophisticated article that prodded the reader to check out how cadmium red medium and burnt umber interacted in a painting I was able to scratch my chin and say "yes, yes, I see." Actively seeing color in an informed manner...priceless.

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